Lead Fire Alarm Installation Engineer

Job Purpose:
This is a role that will include the Installation of Fire Alarm detection systems and facilitating the Health & Safety procedures and requirements within the contract, whilst providing technical advice to both our employees and clients.
Key Responsibilities:  
Install and program control panels and all other equipment for fire alarm systems with the guidance of building plans and electrical layouts.  
Assess the parts needed for completion of the installation and place orders to ensure parts and materials are on site prior to the completion deadline.  
Mount sensors at appropriate locations, performing all necessary tasks, such as drilling holes for cabling and accessing locations such as crawlspaces or attics to ensure optimal wiring layouts  
Install all wiring to connect system components, complying with all applicable safety standards and with customer’s concerns or preferences  
Show customers how to use alarm system, discuss any questions or concerns and ensure customers are fully satisfied with the service they receive.  
Inspect and test and commission systems to ensure all components are performing well and comply with safety requirements, cause and effect and the client specification.  
Review installation manuals, building plans and work orders to plan optimal locations for system components and wiring  
 Compose and submit documentation and installation certificates for each installation, complying with company’s standard operating procedure  
Having a Health and Safety mindset, looking at possible risks associated with the role and reporting any issues promptly to support the ongoing safety of self and others.  
Knowledge and Skills:
Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to build rapport within a team.Resilient to set-backs and able to use a positive approach when considering other avenues to achieve goals if met with challenge.Proactive in processes to be a forward-thinker and meet the needs of the customer, taking ownership for own work when issues arise and knowing who is appropriate to involve to resolve.Strong organisational skills (ability to manage multiple channels of work, knowing when to escalate to the Supervisor or Contract Manager/Team Leader to resolve issues and a consistent level of quality to the work produced and delivered).Creative and innovative towards new ways of working, further improve relationships and drive growth with a continuous improvement mindset, whilst maintaining Company standards and in line with relevant legislation.